Gennaio 2013


Call for Applications for graduate students to attend The Border Crossing Seminar: an international political theory conference and summer school, 10-15 June 2013, University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy. The Border Crossing Seminar is a joint program between The University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy), and the University of Notre Dame (USA). The co-organizers are Marina Calloni (political philosophy, University of Milano-Bicocca) and Eileen Hunt Botting (political theory, University of Notre Dame). The theme of the June 2013 seminar is From


A Joint Program between The University of Milano-Bicocca and The University of Notre Dame. The Border Crossing Seminar (BCS) is an annual, week-long interdisciplinary and international conference and summer school for graduate students and faculty in political theory, political philosophy, and the social sciences. The themes of the BCS center around questions of global justice, including the issues of cosmopolitanism, inter-cultural dialogue, and human rights.  Held in June in Milan,